Beatrice: Queen Bea of the Afternoon Tea

We are absolutely delighted, no, actually, we are beside ourselves with excitement (such an understatement!) to announce that the very wonderful Vicki Dillon AKA Queen Bea of the Afternoon Tea, will join us at various locations of our LEJOG challenge to provide us and you with coffee, cake, kind words, humour and encouragement whilst at the same time, raising awareness of Parkinson’s Disease.

Watch this space for more information coming soon…….

A Little Bit About Vicki

(From The Cure Parkinson’s Trust Website)

A special commendation goes to Vicki Dillon who, after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 35, has dedicated herself to speaking openly about Parkinson’s and raising awareness while going that extra mile to help others. Vicki set up a blog to support those newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and tirelessly works to raise awareness of the condition through public speaking and social media. Vicki has also organised and taken part in a number of fundraising events, which include founding a small choir and completing a 10k run, despite breaking her leg in the process! This year, inspired by Tom Isaac’s tremendous ‘Coastin’ walk around Britain, she plans to take her gorgeous vintage caravan along a similar route, raising money for Parkinson’s research. Vicki is also one of the first patients to take part in the GDNF clinical trial, showing her determination to get involved and help everyone with Parkinson’s in the process. All who nominated Vicki commented on her remarkable warmth, enthusiasm and dedication to the cause which consistently brings hope and inspiration to others. Congratulations Vicky!




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