10 Things We Never Thought We’d Say


After so many months of hard training, The Cyclopaths surprise themselves frequently by muttering words they never thought they’d hear themselves say:

  1. ‘Is 5.00am too early to get started on a 30 mile cycle?’
  2. ‘I’m just going out for a quick 40 miles’
  3. ‘100 miles seems like a good Sunday challenge’
  4. ‘I’ve just lubed my chain’
  5. ‘Can we add in a few more hills?’
  6. ‘I’ve bought yet another pair of cycling shoes’
  7. ‘My stifles are hurting’
  8. ‘Too early for a pub stop, we’ve only done 50 miles’
  9. ‘I really enjoyed that hill’
  10. ‘Shimano Ultegra or 105’s?’

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