102 Miles

Yesterday, Caroline, Sheena, Paul, John, and myself completed 102 miles. Driven my desire to ‘bag’ 100 miles in one day before LEJOG, we had a long, wet, hilly but strangely enjoyable cycle! We learned more about eating, rehydrating, preparing for wet weather, bike and kit requirements for a long cycle which will all help prepare us for LEJOG. We also learned that it can be difficult to find anywhere serving food on a Saturday afternoon, that we can survive a cycle without a cake stop, that falling into a bed of nettles is not much fun, that the weather forecast is not always accurate, that hills, gravel, falls and rain can induce much swearing but most importantly, we learned that with the right team anything is possible! Looking forward to LEJOG, 13 days and counting……


100 Miles – 10 Facts

  1. 100 miles is a long, long way
  2. We climbed 3,900 ft total elevation (thanks Caroline!)
  3. It took almost 12 hours including stops (I was the rate limiting factor)
  4. Two falls by me: one into a bed of nettle, one almost but not quite in the canal
  5. It poured with rain despite the sunny forecast
  6. Our cycling shoes and much of our ‘waterproof’ clothing are not waterproof
  7. Neither our Garmins nor a Cyclo Mio lasted as long as we did!
  8. At times, an old fashioned map comes in useful
  9. It was great fun
  10. I would do it all again!

The first 72 miles of the route can be seen on our Relive Video

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