10 hours and counting……..

It’s not in The Cyclopath’s nature to be negative, however, there are occasions when needs must! For a multitude of reasons, despondency is setting in:

  1. Two of The Cyclopath’s have flown from Boston to London today but their bikes are lost in transit
  2. One of The Cyclopath’s has flown from Toronto to Manchester today but his brand new bike purchased last month, solely for LEJOG, has not
  3. It is raining – no it’s not raining. The heavens have opened and it is stotting down
  4. It is 7pm and it looks distinctly dark outside
  5. Heavy rain is forecast
  6. 24 hours a day are just not enough to pack, train and make childcare arrangements for some of the 38 children we are leaving behind for two weeks
  7. It’s bank holiday weekend and the chances of the train leaving and arriving on time seem somewhat precarious
  8. It’s taken all day to pack one bag. We have to pack this bag every day for the next fourteen days and cycle for 10 hours a day as well
  9. The NHS doesn’t stop and being on call and packing are not compatible
  10. There is no Prosecco left

We need cheering up – thankfully, it’s nearly time to start cycling…..



3 thoughts on “10 hours and counting……..”

  1. Wishing you all good luck, safety and high speeds to achieve your seemingly impossible task. You have my best wishes and total admiration.


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