Day 4 to Tiverton

Alison, Chris, Julia, Linda, Mark, Paula & Sheena

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The Downs

  • Paula’s bike let her down big time. Unable to change into the big cog on her bike, she has been at a huge disadvantage for the last three days despite our efforts to secure spares and repairs.
  • Billy* from a bike shop en route who promised so much but delivered so little!  (*not his real name)
  • Paula dropped, cycled over and smashed her mobile phone rendering it incapable of completing the most basic of functions
  • Paula’s (yes, yet again!) Cyclo Mio (the equivalent to a car sat nav) failed to function at all and was also rendered incapable of doing anything.

You’ve spotted a common theme here. Unfortunately, Paula has had all her bad luck in one day but on the bright side, things can only get better for her from now on in.

Paula’s Dad – if you are reading this she said to tell you she’s actually having a great time!

The Ups

  • The hills were definitely up. 4,092ft of up to be precise!
  • Waitrose gave us free drinks when they saw who we were fundraising for
  • The Millard family were waiting at North Tawton to cheer us all (but especially Paula) on. Our first group of supporters on the route. A lovely sight and armed with cake too!

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  • Meeting the lovely young guy who’s wife has had Parkinson’s Disease for seven years and they had both cycled 100 miles yesterday. He didn’t envy us having to get back in the saddle day after day!
  • Okehampton Cycles who patched Paula’s bike and enabled her to keep cycling today. They also fixed Julia’s bike and impressed us with their friendly, efficient service.
  • Helen’s Big Balls! Balls of homemade, calorie rich goodness, made by Helen Stone at The Green House Cafe and donated to us to sustain us during the ups and downs of the day.
  • The Green House Cafe in Launceston. Fantastic food with the warmest welcome.
  • It didn’t rain today!
  • We are all still smiling and loving our adventure.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-28 at 22.38.25

  • Tomorrow we meet with the rest of The Cyclopaths in Weston-Super-Mare – after a 65 mile cycle of course!



Miles Cycled:     51

Miles to Go:       854

Feet Climbed:    4,092

One thought on “Day 4 to Tiverton”

  1. Thinking of you all
    And wishing I was with you!! Xxx I hope you’re not put off long distance cycling after this… I’m
    Planning Parkinson’s pedal Poole
    To Provence next summer!!

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