Penkridge to Bolton – 90 Miles

‘It’s not about the destination but about the journey’

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We all set off early in the knowledge that today was one of our longest days. We were all focussed on reaching our destination in Bolton. Little did we know what the day would bring and how many highs and lows would be experienced by individuals within the team.

A lovely sunny morning cycling 30 miles to our first coffee stop. We then split into smaller groups to complete the remaining 60 miles. Some of us only arriving at our hotel in Bolton twelve hours after setting off this morning! More cows, closed roads, wrong turns and numerous punctures throughout the day.

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Some beautiful scenery, lovely canal paths and just short spells on busy roads. Some of us stopped in the early evening sun to take in the beautiful serenity of the canal with the tress reflecting in the water. At this point we decided that today’s quote should be ‘it’s not about the destination but about the journey’.

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Unfortunately, today was not without mishap. Eighteen miles before our destination, Nigel had an argument with a pole on the canal towpath in which the bike came off rather worse and Hiro, riding behind him was knocked off his bike too. Undeterred by the trauma of a significant fall, both riders were patched up and were able to continue their journey but the spare bike had to be deployed from our support vehicle as the front fork of the afflicted bike was completely broken. We all suspect there will be a lot of bruises, pains and stiff limbs tomorrow.

Thankfully we are now all safely in Bolton, exhausted but on the whole exhilarated by our achievement so far as we approach the half way point of our epic challenge.

A special thanks to Chris and Chris our fabulous support team who seem to find a solution to most of the problems we present them with!

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We are making new friends along the way, seeing new sights, experiencing new physical and psychological challenges and rising to these, supporting each other, raising funds for some very worthy causes and still managing to have lots of fun!


7 thoughts on “Penkridge to Bolton – 90 Miles”

  1. Hope Nigel and Hiro are not suffering too much from their falls and that today presents less challenges. Much love and admiration to you amazing bunch xx


  2. I spy with my little eye, Christine’s bike on the maintenance stand. Judging by the increasing number of bikes being tweaked I think the maintenance guys are going to need a bigger room! Well done to Nigel and Hiro for insisting on keeping going, I don’t suppose Chris and Chris also stretch to massage? Chapeau to you all


  3. This is should be sent to visit britain tourism. Best advertising campaign! It could be used by the green party to actually. 🙂 really nice. Of course it is about the journey, the good and the bad too. Thank you for taking the to to share your great adventure with us.


  4. Well done, you all need a medal for what you have achieved. Good luck for an easier day tomorrow, with no mishaps. At least the weather is favourable. X


    1. Gareth was great to share some of our journey with you. Enjoyed your company and stories, made the day pass a little quicker. Keep peddling. John A.


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