What a Difference a Day Makes

A Message From Christine:

From the peak of fitness, cycling 80 miles a day to hardly being able to put one foot in front of the other was a shock. I knew as soon as I hit the ground I wouldn’t be continuing to John O’Groats but immediately felt safe surrounded by the Cyclopath doctors and nurses. I could hear the reassuring Scottish tones of the local fireman and my good friend Julia was close by. A & E was bearable thanks to Chris and Chris who have more than lived up to their title “support team”. Thanks guys for looking after me.

I received excellent care at Wishaw General Hospital where a fractured pelvis was diagnosed and my new challenge was to walk to the bathroom and climb stairs. This was doable with the support of physios and encouraging words  “you can do it hen” from my cheery, elderly roommates, Myra, Alice and Elizabeth. They applauded when I made it across the room and shared their treats. By the end of that day they all wanted to “have a go” at walking.
On Thursday my ‘knights in shining armour’; husband Malcolm and daughter Emily made a 691 mile round trip to deliver me safely home. Stopping at the services was hairy with my lack of coordination with the crutches, an old lady swiftly overtook me. Riding a bike is much easier!
Many thanks to all the people who sponsored me and I WILL complete the journey as soon as I’m able. Thanks to everyone who wished me well on the blog. Best wishes to the Cyclopaths for your last two days, savour the moments. I loved cycling with every one of you and I’m enjoying the blog and the daily photographs. I almost feel I’m there and can picture each of your distinctive riding styles and remember all the subtle ways that each team member contributes to the daily progress. Congrats on raising so much money. It’s all downhill from now on!!!! Much love, Chris


7 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes”

  1. Ohhh Christine,
    I’m so sorry for your mishap. Get well soon and take another run at it. Alternatively, come pedal here in California — it doesn’t rain here in the summer! 🙂

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