Aviemore to Evanton – 57 Miles

By John Anderson

Today was a welcomed, relatively warm and dry day. We had stunning scenery with sunshine highlighting the Highlands with The Cyclopaths weaving between the heather and fir trees for much of the morning.


57 miles seemed an easy task! Given what has gone before it did not appear too daunting at breakfast in Aviemore. However, after 800 miles of cycling, nothing is ‘easy’. First thing each day, you need to be back in the saddle. Every fibre of your body screams for some respite, particularly those in direct contact with the saddle. After a few miles the legs relax and warm up and things get easier, although it does seem like certain parts of the anatomy complain all day long.

One of the team had an interesting time repairing a puncture on the main bridge out of Inverness. Never a dull moment, or a day goes by without some form of new challenge. Shortly after this there was warm refuge in the White Cottage Tea Rooms where the team refuelled and refreshed before heading for Evanton.

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For Alison the day had an unexpected and welcomed surprise as her best friend Julie, flew up from Cheltenham to appear on the roadside to cheer us on.


This is one of many examples of the support friends and family have offered members of the team. Each one is very special and provides much needed encouragement and energy to both that individual and the group as a whole. We are aware that many are following this blog and we find inspiration and motivation from the messages left – thank you.


11 thoughts on “Aviemore to Evanton – 57 Miles”

  1. I have loved reading your blog. What an amazing journey for you, all be it painful & so tiring. I’m in awe as you all look so fit & happy. Brilliant…nearly there 😘

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  2. Excellent effort guys…..the finish line is in sight! What a team,we are in awe.

    Alison,no words can describe how proud of you we are.

    Jules,Dek ,Molly&Joe xxx

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  3. I have loved reading your blogs every morning, in fact it’s the first thing I do, even before a cuppa! It has been motivational, inspirational and very moving. What a fantastic achievement, you must all be so very proud. Not far to go now. Thoughts go to Christine who got so near, but reading her message today, she will come back and complete it.
    Congratulations to everyone! Vietnam and Cambodia and now this, what has Alison got up her sleeve next for you all? No doubt some plan will be in the pipeline! Enjoy the next few days and look forward to the photos of JOG!!

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  4. Almost there😊😊😊 Like the others who have commented before me I am in admiration of you all. Your stamina is amazing. I’ve just got back from a 21 mile ride and can’t imagine cycling tomorrow, so really don’t know how you’ve managed almost 1000 miles. Incredible. Looking forward to reading the next two blog entries xx

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  5. Al and I are sitting on a plane about to fly off to Greece and have been reading your blog. We are hugely impressed by, and a little jealous of your incredible achievement so far. You are all amazing. How hard it must be to keep on getting back on your bikes day after day in all weathers and with all eventualities and even find time to write this blog. Thinking of you on this last day. Cheers to you all. So sorry about your fall Christine. How frustrating for you but as you say you now have only a few miles to the finish.
    Lots of love Caroline and Al xx

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