Personal Reflections

By Claire McBride

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Ten days post-Lejog …

So, Lejog … I am pretty sure it happened, but even now, I have to think twice. Did we really cycle 1,053 miles over 14 days? And have an amazing journey along the way? We did. And let’s not forget about the 55,595 feet that we climbed over that time too … I certainly won’t. On a bike, hills are my thing, but the Devon/Cornwall climbs left me wobbling.

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I still can’t quite believe that we made it, and that for two weeks, we got up early, day after day, to sit on a little sliver of a bike saddle. But we did, and it was awesome, I loved every minute … and with hindsight, even those minutes (ok, maybe a few hours!) when it was raining, cold, wet, utterly miserable and many of us were quite literally shaking. One day in particular, from Kendal, was tough, and I have the most immense respect for those who went back to pick up where they left off, as well as the two people who went back to support them. I would have loved to do that, but in my heart, I knew I did not have the resilience to go through those difficult 12 miles again. Kudos, big time.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-20 at 08.40.25There were so many special moments … too many to put down in a post like this. They will stay with me forever. What an awesome team, with a truly inspirational leader and her other half, and the route planner … as well as the totally amazing support guys, Chris and Chris, and every single wonderful person I got to know along the way (especially good was seeing Tom and Derek in Pitlochry/Aviemore). This is up there as one of my top times in life. I loved the challenge, the team spirit and the adventure … and am already thinking about what to do next!


Thank you Cycolpaths and everyone who helped us and joined in along the way. On the last day, a fellow cyclist came alongside me, and said exactly what I was thinking at that moment: ‘Claire, I don’t want this day to end’. It did, as they always do, but what a wonderful day that was.”

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